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Our mission


Todays NFTs are a great way to make art traceable and tamper-proof. Intellectual property can be secured and sold by each individuum. The only factor that gives value to the NFT is the artist, his fame and of course its futures price speculation driven by demand.

But what if you could add custom logic that can be activated, consumed and then executed safely on-chain?

We provide you a platform as a service for a new generation of NFTs that can be created by anyone and managed by DIENAY.
This standard is intended to enable a new type of NFT interaction that can be used by different service providers and blockchains.
NFTs need some immutable logic that can be read and used by any smart contract or platform.

Our vision is to provide value to NFTs.

Common language

By giving NFTs any capabilities, someone needs to consume and understand its intrinsic data. The idea is to use a common language, that can be implemented as an interpreter and consumed by anyone.
You can think of an object as having a unique value and its properties.
Utility NFTs use an immutable part, that can be consumed by anyone.

For more information about our recommendation and discussion visit our CIP-XX definition here.

Service provider

Our mission is the management of utility NFTs. Whether you are an utility provider or consumer, we give you the tools to manage them.

Delegator loyalty bonus

ConsensusMonky.de is the stakepool behind the idea of DIENAY. Therefore we are planning an NFT collection of our MONKY as well. When the NFT sale begins, you will be able to mint a monky card.

We are grateful for any support and would appreciate each and every delegation.
More information to come. Stay tuned.

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If you want to build with us, do not hesitate to contact us.


Our goals

Add value to NFTs by coordinating the execution process

Bring service providers and consumers together for the use of logical NFTs

Build a backbone of NFT services for the metaverse and real world

Increase value and adoption by adding gamification to NFTs

Smart NFT Connector

Discover the magic

of monky cards

Monky Cards


Tale of Monky - First Set

limited edition


As a monky cardholder, you can receive additional rewards through the consensusmonky stakepool. You can choose whether to collect the card, use the card or selling it like any other NFT. By using the card at the DIENAY acceptance point, you summon multiple random minted NFTs with a chance of getting common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary cards.

There are various iNFT cards with special stats. It is your choice how to use the cards.
But be careful. Not every NFT will have additional abilities.


Reward boost

0.05 %
Luck factor
17 %

The card owner has a chance to gain more rewards per epoch.